Kalimotxo Recipe

Kalimotxo was invented in the early 1970s at a Basque festival in Spain. A couple of servers working at one of the stands where drinks were served (txosnas) noticed that the wine that they had purchased had gone bad and they decided to add Coca-Cola to it in order to balance out the sour taste. The drink was named after two friends of the servers: Kalimero and Motxo. Since then, Kalimotxo has become popular throughout Spain and other countries as well.

Our friend John told us about this drink which he had encountered during his travels in Spain. He claims that the actual recipe is literally quite fluid: 50% Coke, 50% wine at first. Then the ratio of wine becomes greater with each subsequent drink. However you decide to mix them is up to you as is the type of red wine that you use. My niece recommended Apothic Red as a exceptionally good, cheap red (about $10) so we decided to use this with the Coca-Cola and the results were very good. Here's to friends and family!

Your favorite red wine

optional: you can also add a dash Ouzo, blackberry brandy, or anise for additional flavor.

  1. In a glass, mix together the wine and Coca-Cola (50% wine, 50% Coke).
  2. Add ice and serve.
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