Review: Sonic Chicago Hot Dog

SonicLast weekend, I had the opportunity to try the new Chicago Dog at Sonic. I love Sonic and the whole retro drive-in concept. They have an amazing drink selection and their hamburgers are outstanding. However, I have to admit that I was disappointed with their take on Chicago's most famous dish, the Chicago Style Hot Dog. Most of the key players were there: the poppy seed bun, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt, etc. But they took a serious short cut on the most important ingredient - the HOT DOG!! As any Chicagoan knows, you cannot have a Chicago Dog without a genuine Vienna Beef hot dog. The hot dog from Sonic tasted like one that had a first name spelled O-S-C-A-R if you know what I'm saying. To make matters worse, the roller girl that delivered my order asked me if I wanted ketchup for my hot dog - a definite No-No in Chicago-land. In short, I was hoping that my visit to Sonic would transport me back to the Windy City. Instead I ended up in Naperville!

PS: I'm curious as to what the denizens of the Empire State think of Sonic's New York Dog. If there are any New Yorkers out there, feel free to respond.


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